We are delighted to welcome parents and carers who are thinking about choosing a Q1E school. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

The Q1E Trust currently serves just under 2000 south London pupils, in Wandsworth and Bromley boroughs. Our "united and unique" schools offer high quality provision, through a world class, inspirational and aspirational curriculum. 

To join one of our schools, an application should be made via your local authority.

Belleville Primary School, Belleville Wix Academy and The Alton School follow the agreed Wandsworth Borough Council procedures for admissions

Churchfields Primary School follows the agreed Bromley Borough Council procedures for admissions

If you are applying to join one of our nurseries, or to join a school in any year other than reception, please contact the relevant school office direct to discuss the application process, and please check our school websites for more information:

Belleville Primary School admissions

Belleville Wix Academy admissions

Churchfields Primary School admissions

The Alton School admissions




The Quality First Education (Q1E) Trust recently consulted on a proposed change to the admission arrangements for Belleville Primary School, Belleville Wix Academy and The Alton School for 2025-26. The Trust is proposing to amend the current admission criterion giving priority to children who have a sibling at the school at the date of admission, to remove the requirement for families of siblings to live within 800 metres of the school. Our hope is that this change will support our families, keep siblings together, and make our admissions policy easier to understand. Full details of the proposed change acan be found on the relevant school webpages for Belleville, Belleville Wix and The Alton. The consultation closed on 31st January 2024. The trust board will consider all responses and make a decision by the end of February 2024. 




Wandsworth Local Authority have been reviewing the availability of school places for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). They have identified specific groups of children whose needs cannot be met through a local school offer, notably those on the autism spectrum with associated learning difficulties. The Q1E trust consulted in Autumn 2023 on a proposal to re-designate The Alton School's resource base, in order to support the local authority and to meet the needs of more children in our community. 

More details of the change.